Warning Signs of Toenail Fungus Infection


Fungal infections are quite common and can affect any part of the body. Even though fungi are present in small quantity along with bacteria, but when they start to grow, they can cause serious infections. Fungal infections are most common along the toenails. They usually develop over time and usually its signs are quite subtle at the start. But, if you do not care for them, they will get worse with time. many times, the problem can so worse that you might have to undergo surgery to get rid of the fungus infections and preventing it from spreading any further. Here are the top signs of nail fungus that you need to look for –

  • The nail becomes yellow, white or brown at the tip. It might look like a little discoloration, but without treatment, it will spread to the entire nail.
  • You will notice debris under your nail.
  • The nail will start to lift up and it will no longer be attached to the toe or the finger.
  • When the nail starts to turn white, its surface will feel dry, soft and sort of powdery. 
  • The nail will turn thin and you can easily scrape off the nail. 
  • The nail can easily split or may crumble.

Most of the time, nail fungus is painless, especially at the start. But, if you keep putting off the treatment can cause the fungus to grow further. It will make it difficult for you to wear shoes and can cause it to spread to other toenails. Thus, it is important for you to take precautions as toenail fungus can appear again without warning. The best way is to take supplements such as Restoration by Viva Nutra as it not only helps heal but also prevents any new toenail infections.



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