What are the most common causes of low self-esteem?


Confidence is the key to lead a happy and healthy life, regardless of age and ambition. Completing tasks confidently makes you achieve a new height, creating a new perspective and a better outcome. Lacking confidence in some key areas might not seem like a downgrading aspect of life, but don’t be surprised when these things start beating your physical and mental health. 

Feeling happy, confident, and motivated all the time is not possible, given how harsh life can be. However, low Midtown East self-esteem for a prolonged time can be dangerous, both for your personal and professional life. Low self-esteem will create negative questions in your life, drowning your energy and ambitions to achieve your goals. Find the highlighted causes of low self-esteem below. 

  • Bullying: Being bullied in childhood will have long-term consequences. Even though friends and family members can help them recover from the traumatic events, the situation will become much more complicated when there’s no support, even from the close ones. When a child is bullied, they will assume that they are not worthy of someone’s attention and their life is meaningless. Later in their life, they will develop identity crises, symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fear of failure. These feelings can also arise when someone doesn’t receive proper mental support from their parents. 
  • Academic Challenges: Individuals who have problematic academic careers are more vulnerable to developing symptoms of low self-esteem. Feeling left out in the classroom can paralyze a child mentally, preventing them from understanding what studying means and why it’s important in their life. When a student falls behind others without anyone intervening, they will not only feel stupid but also incapable of grasping things going around them. In addition, they will also suffer from guilts as they will assume they are not as good as others. 
  • Trauma: Sexual, physical, or mental abuse scars a human life and drench them in overwhelming feelings of low self-esteem. Forcing someone to do something against their will develops mental trauma, affecting their beautiful life. It’s not unsafe to say these people will build trust issues. Many traumatic events make people face guilt trips for not taking action back in their life. 

Even if you’re not confident and facing low self-esteem problems, keep in mind that it’s always possible to feel better. Just because someone trembles and loses their way doesn’t mean they are lost forever. All you need to do is focus on the brightest parts of your life. 

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