What tests are done to check for diabetes?


Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in this world. In fact, so many diabetes patients come from developed countries such as second or third class countries. Why did this happen? One possible explanation here is people will get lazier when the technology gets more advanced. This is somehow true, although it is not the only reason why people are getting fat. Of course, other reasons such as eating sweet food, lack of exercise and being too busy with a daily job can also make someone get diabetes. Here, we can say that there are so many factors that make someone get this disease. This is of course a worrying trend, because having diabetes can only mean people are having a higher chance of developing future illnesses such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and also kidney problems. Hence, it is very important for us especially the overweight and obese person to take a diabetes test. This is to ensure that our health is on the right track.

It is pretty easy to schedule for a diabetes test. First of all, one important thing that you need to do is book an appointment. You can do so at any healthcare facilities including hospitals or clinics. You can choose the one that is nearby your house so there will not be too much hustle. After all, the procedure is very minor and will not give any serious side effects. Once you decide where you want to make the test, then you can book your appointment through a call or direct booking. On your appointment day, make sure you arrive on time to avoid any unnecessary problem.

Once there, the first thing that your doctor will do is to conduct a consultation. This consultation will focus more on your lifestyle and whether you are a high risk person for developing diabetes. Usually, the doctor will ask questions regarding your meal, diet, exercise, job, activities and other questions that he seems suitable for. Based on their initial diagnosis, the doctor will decide what test is suitable for you. A simple test called the blood glucose test is the one that is very important in determining whether you have diabetes or not. It involves just a simple finger prick and your result will be shown.

If your results come out very bad and your doctor thinks your blood glucose is higher than normal, then you will be considered as having diabetes. However, if another test is needed in order to confirm the diagnosis, then your doctor will order another test called the HbA1C test. This test will aim to confirm whether it is true that you have diabetes or not. For this test, your doctor will need to take blood samples, usually from your arm. It is just a minor procedure and there is nothing to be worried about. Once the procedure is done, the sample will be sent to the laboratory and you might need to wait for the result for a few days.

If the result is positive, it means that you are diabetic and some interventions might be needed. Depending on the result, your doctor might suggest a different kind of intervention. For example, a guy with very bad diabetes will be suggested to use insulin injection while a guy with moderate diabetes will be suggested to change their lifestyle. This might include changing the meals to healthier meals or to always exercise. However, if your result is negative and you are not diabetic, then this does not mean you do not need to take care of your health. Remember, better health will always mean a better life.

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