What to Know About CBD Oil and Pain Relief


Today, people all around the world use CBD oil for pain relief and pain management. Studies have also shown that the proper strain and dose of CBD oil can be effective in relieving pain. In fact, many people swear by CBD oil and claim it has helped to restore their health.

However, before diving into the benefits offered by CBD oil, it is time to learn more about it and answer questions such as, how pure is your CBD oil? Please keep reading for more information about CBD oil and how it helps with pain.

Understanding How CBD Oil Affects the Body

CBD oil will attach to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body. These refer to the brain and immune system, respectively. CBD oil will then influence how the endocannabinoid system works and how it processes pain. However, CBD does not just impact pain. It can also help reduce inflammation in the brain, which is done by regulating anandamide production. When combined, this helps reduce the pain someone experiences. It also helps to control symptoms that cause pain, like inflammation, which protects the body from the common, destructive processes.


To effectively reduce pain, THC must be present in CBD. Unfortunately, some people wonder if the THC present will create the “high” sensation it is known for. According to many studies, there is no euphoric or “high” feeling. That is because CBD inhibits the THC’s psychoactive properties, and when used together, these two substances have a synergistic effect. Using CBD oil for pain is much more effective when THC is present than when it is not.

Pain Types People Use CBD Oil For

According to information gathered by several controlled trials, there is a dose-dependent and significant relationship between tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and neuropathic pain relief. Studies have proven cannabis used for back pain is highly effective. This is true regardless of if someone experienced a sports injury, were involved in an accident, or if they are suffering from age-related issues. CBD that has THC in it can be beneficial. However, there are other pain-related uses for CBD, too.

CBD gel can be applied to the joints or other pain points to help with arthritis. This is because the substance helps reduce inflammation in the areas where it is applied. Another use is edibles and CBD tinctures, which are beneficial for multiple sclerosis. These treatments help reduce cases of muscle spasms and reduce chronic pain.

There are a few conditions that chronic pain can accompany. Several studies have proven CBD with THC may alleviate this pain. Specific conditions it may be beneficial for include neuropathic pain, headache, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, TMD, and osteoarthritis.

Finding the Right CBD Product

To experience the pain-relieving benefits that CBD offers, the right product must be found. This requires time and effort. An individual must look into the available options and find the CBD product that best suits their needs, and that has the best customer reviews. Being informed will help someone figure out if CBD should be added to their routine.


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