Which cooking oil is the best to use in 2022?


Saffola gold is rich in MUFA that helps maintain HDL levels while lowering LDL, making it the best oil for heart health. It works great for your hair and skin too. Saffola Gold is specially curated for 2022 and beyond. The oil has a unique blend of 78% refined edible soybean oil and 22% rice bran oil – Contains natural antioxidants, MUFA, PUFA, and a rich source of Vitamins A & D.

Cooking oil is a must-have in every home and can be used for many purposes. Vegetable oils are the oils that are extracted from plants by different methods such as cold pressing or hot extraction, the difference between them is heating during extraction. One of the most important factors in enjoying a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a good diet. Heart-friendly Saffola oil is enriched with the goodness of Natural Antioxidants that help keep your heart in the best shape. It’s  suitable for Indian dishes.

Saffola cooking oil comes in two variants based on your need for taste, quantity & heart health. The possibility of Saffola Gold cooking oil being declared unfit for human consumption due to high levels of trans fat is also reduced. Saffola edible oil is one of the best cooking oils in India, It is suitable for Indian families. When it comes to cooking oil, Saffola Gold is a perfect choice, not only because it is rich in MUFA and PUFA, but also because it is free of Trans-Fats. Saffola Gold is fortified with natural antioxidants – vitamin A and D, which help in enhancing immunity and better absorption of calcium for stronger bones. Saffola Gold has been designed to cater to the health needs of Indian consumers who are now health-conscious and want the best for their families.

Saffola gold cooking oil is made from a blend of safflower and rice bran oil. It has the presence of antioxidants which help in boosting the body’s defense. Saffola is the first edible oil brand to convert its entire range to Fulfill (power blend of MUFA & PUFA), making it a standard-bearer for healthy cooking. A deep understanding of preventing and managing lifestyle diseases has gone into developing our special Heart disease prevention range, Saffola Total. It is the preferred heart-healthy cooking oil in most households today.

Saffola gold is a healthy choice for use in your daily cooking. Saffola Gold is a premium heart-healthy oil that provides higher antioxidant properties and does not have trans fat like Vanaspati Ghee. Saffola Gold LOSO with LOSORB is scientifically proven to lower bad cholesterol by 10% in just 4 weeks.

It has been proven in multiple types of research that Pro-Healthy Lifestyle™ (PHL) of Saffola Gold is a healthier option when it comes to your daily dosage of oil consumption. The best oil for you will depend on your health goals, concerns, and lifestyle. Many people are looking for heart-healthy oils that are sodium-free and have zero cholesterol. The benefits of saffola gold will help you determine which oil is the best to use in 2022.

Use the oil for deep-frying, stir-frying, baking, and roasting. No Brand provides “Golden heart care” with a variety of oils. Saffola products are clinically proven to put health first, without compromising on taste. It’s the range of oils from Saffola, India’s no.1 healthy cooking oil brand. With 1mg of tocotrienols per 10g of oil, Saffola Gold is heart-friendly cooking oil. Its vitamin E-rich formulation helps keep your heart healthier, while its mild taste and aroma enhance the flavor of your food.

Enjoy a hunger for life with Saffola Gold heart-healthy oil, it’s the cooking oil with a 2:1 ratio of MUFA to PUFA that can help you lead an active and healthy lifestyle. There is no better oil than Saffola Gold or Saffola Total as it is a blend of 80% Rice Bran Oil and 20%High Oleic Sunflower Oil. It’s a trusted oil that promises to give you the power of 2 – cholesterol control and heart health. With the power of Thymo-Saffola complex and natural antioxidant, Saffola Gold helps maintain cholesterol that your body needs naturally.

The use of Saffola Gold for a longer period helps to maintain good levels of healthy HDL cholesterol which is higher than other edible oils. Saffola gold oil is best. Saffola gold with Natural Antioxidants is a premium edible oil that contains natural antioxidants for immunity and the heart. Saffola Gold, Saffola’s flagship range, brings you the rich goodness of saffola salt and natural antioxidants like vitamin A and D. While Saffola Gold helps you take control over your cholesterol levels, it also gives you a great cooking experience with its balanced flavor and aroma.

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