6 Tips to Prepare For Foot Surgery


Are you planning to have surgery on your ankle or foot? Although the idea of undergoing Mission Viejo foot and ankle surgery might be frightening, it is occasionally the only way to cure severe foot issues, including Achilles tendon injuries and bunions. Preparing in advance for your foot and ankle surgery helps you finally return to your favorite activities with less discomfort.

Here are tips to prepare for foot surgery;

  1.   Schedule a pre-surgery appointment

Before your surgery date, schedule a pre-surgery appointment with your surgeon. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions about the surgery and discuss any concerns or fears you may have. Your surgeon will also provide you with necessary pre-surgery instructions, such as what medications to stop taking and what to wear on the day of surgery.

  1.   Set up your bed on the ground floor

Many individuals have bedrooms on the second story (or higher) of their homes, but climbing stairs can be risky and difficult following foot surgery. If you have to go upstairs to get to your bedroom, think about putting a bed on a lower level instead. A temporary bedroom reduces the number of stairs you must climb and facilitates a restful night’s sleep.

  1.   Make arrangements for work and other activities

Today’s businesses are more adaptable than ever, so you can continue working even as you heal from foot surgery at home. If you already have a home office, ensure it is accessible and located on a lower level. Create a workspace where you have enough space to work comfortably if you don’t often work from home.

Make arrangements with your employer if you are unable to work from home. After foot surgery, you might not be able to drive for a while, so consider taking time off work or arranging a ride to and from work.

  1.   Get in shape

If you are overweight or have a medical condition affecting your mobility, it is important to improve your overall health before surgery. This can include losing weight, quitting smoking, and increasing your physical activity. Not only will this improve your recovery time, but it will also reduce your risk of complications during surgery.

  1.   Stock up on supplies

Before your surgery, ensure you have everything you need to recover at home. This can include crutches, a wheelchair, or a walker. You will also need to stock up on over-the-counter pain medication, bandages, and any other supplies your surgeon may recommend.

  1.   Keep your home’s walkways free of clutter

When recovering after foot surgery, you should keep your activity level low, but you will still need to stand up sometimes. Ensure the walkways and halls you use are uncluttered to lessen your risk of stumbling.

Pay attention to the pathways that lead to your temporary living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Clear the area of debris to make it easier to move about, gather cords, and think about taking out rugs to make the floor smoother.

Foot surgery can be a daunting experience, but proper preparation can be a smooth and successful process. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your surgery goes as smoothly as possible and that you have a speedy recovery.

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