Achieve Smooth Glowing Skin With Biologique Recherche


The skin is a delicate organ, and failing to take good care of it can significantly affect its appearance. Clogged pores and dry skin can cause your skin to appear dull and unhealthy. If you want radiant, glowing skin, consider trying the West Hollywood Biologique Recherche skincare products at Luxbae.

What you should know about Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche is the embodiment of French skin care. It is a renowned skincare brand whose products are famous for their excellence, expertise, and quality. The customized skincare products reach your deep skin tissues to deliver dramatic results. The brand is a significant supplier of beauty products to numerous clinics and medical spas investing in expert skincare that combines non-irritating ingredients to achieve optimal effects. Partnering with Biologique Recherche has enabled Luxbae to offer a wide range of high-end facials and skincare products that are medically proven to enhance skin appearance.

How you can benefit from Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche’s formulations adopt a clinical approach using natural, raw, and concentrated ingredients, making them safe even for sensitive skin. Patients who use their treatments report that the possible side effects are incomparable to the results. The treatments and beauty products can even out skin tone and rough texture, tighten sagging skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, address active acne, and moisturize your skin.

During your appointment at Luxbae, the specialists examine your skin and discuss your skin goals and concerns. They then develop a custom-tailored treatment plan to address all the skin imperfections. You should inform your provider if you are allergic to anything during the consultation.

Skin imperfections that Biologique Recherche can address

Biologique Recherche can address a wide range of skin imperfections with its blend of natural ingredients. Some skin problems the treatments can resolve include oily or dry skin, dull skin, acne scars, brown spots, sun damage or hyperpigmentation, and mild skin laxity. Even when you have no specific skin problem, you can trust Biologique Recherche to leave your skin smooth and with a youthful glow.

Why you should consider a Biologique Recherche

The Biologique Recherche is a high-end facial that utilizes a combination of FDA-approved products with facial massage techniques, cryotherapy, and microcurrents. The treatment can work wonders on your face and leave your family and friends mesmerized. Microcurrents transmit electrical energy into your skin to tighten loose skin, while cryotherapy utilizes liquid nitrogen to eliminate abnormal tissue and revitalize your skin. The treatment removes the dead skin tissue and meticulously cleanses your skin, opening the clogged skin pores.

Additionally, it removes the impurities that may cause an acne outbreak and restores your skin proteo-lipidic film. Most patients report that in addition to enhancing your skin appearance, the facial also has a relaxing effect. The facial does not involve irritating skin care products, steaming, or painful extraction. It is non-invasive and gentle, meaning you don’t need to worry about bruising, swelling, or redness, a common side effect in most facial treatments.

If you’re interested in a Biologique Recherche facial, call the Luxbae office or book an appointment online.

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