Top Reasons to Include Dental Scaling In Your Routine


Has your dentist recommended dental scaling and root planing? Dental care doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, especially since most brewing troubles show little or no signs. Routine dentist visits are essential as you strive to improve your dental and overall health. If Dr. Arman Dayan notices developing periodontal disease, you might be advised to consider dental scaling. Dental scaling can transform your oral care regimen with or without your dentist’s recommendation. Among the many benefits emphasizing the need to invest in dental scaling include:

Cavity and decay prevention

What’s your primary oral care goal? For most, keeping cavities at bay is the priority. You brush, floss, and routinely see the dentist in your quests to avoid the holes caused by plaque. Scaling goes the extra mile, especially since plaque build-up is bound to happen even with routine brushing. Some parts are hard to reach, and other times you are not as effective in your oral hygiene routine. This emphasizes the need to see a dentist every few months, ideally twice a year, for a thorough cleaning, ensuring the build-up is thoroughly cleaned to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Prevent gum disease

Plaque does not just eat away the enamel. The sticky bacteria-loaded film also infects the gums. The infection can quickly spread, especially since symptoms may not be apparent. Plaque builds ups below the gum line, wreaking more havoc since among the consequences of gum disease is tooth loss. Scaling eliminates plaque below the gum lines, helping decrease the chances of the disease. This is critical since gum disease is severe and puts you at risk of other health concerns, including heart disease, diabetes, and premature or low-birth weight babies, just to name a few concerns.

Deal with bad breath

Bad breath can be a nightmare, especially in social settings. Self-consciousness is enough to dent your self-esteem, impacting your productivity at the workplace and maintaining healthy relationships. Brushing, flossing, and using fresheners can help, but only go so far if you have considerable plaque build-up. Scaling eliminates the plaque, freshening up breath, which improves your confidence. You no longer have to stay silent and get passed over due to bad breath or conceal your dazzling smile, fearing it will smell.

Restore your smile

Even with effective brushing and oral hygiene, over time, tooth discoloration happens. Your meals, health conditions and medications, and trauma, just to name a few concerns, can lead to discoloration. The main culprit, though, is usually tartar, especially since some items are tough and easily stick to your teeth. During the scaling session, the dentist will use a more effective strategy and tools to get such a tough build-up out. This helps deal with the discoloration and brightens your teeth, restoring your beautiful smile.

Scaling can help you improve your aesthetic and dental function. The best part is that it saves you more time and money. This is because you avoid extensive and costly treatments such as restorative dentistry if the build-up is left to run its course. Contact or visit Orange Coast Dental Specialty today for more on scaling and overall oral health.

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