Braces Singapore: How much do Teeth Braces Cost in Singapore?


Teeth braces are a removable appliance that corrects irregularities in the positioning of teeth. They help to close gaps between teeth and align them properly. 

The use of braces has been around for decades, but they have evolved from traditional wires to modern ceramic braces, which are almost invisible, making it seem as if you do not have them on at all.

Why do I Need to Wear Braces?

There are various reasons why your orthodontist may want you to wear braces. Singapore may be one of the few destinations to visit for these treatments if you’re looking for quality treatment at state of the art facilities. The most common cases when your orthodontist may recommend braces for you include;

  • If you want straighter teeth: If your teeth are not aligned properly, removing plaque between them may be difficult, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. 
  • If you have unwanted gaps between the teeth: Just like poor teeth alignment, gaps in between teeth may negatively affect both how you look and function.
  • To prevent further loss of teeth: If you do not get braces when you need them most, eventually there will be a point where it becomes too late for treatment and too costly because something serious has happened – i.e., You have lost more than half of your teeth’s roots.

Apart from that, wearing orthodontics can also improve your facial features by having a straighter face with perfect lips and nose lines, which can make you, look up to 5 years younger! If this wasn’t enough reason to get yourself one already, there is more. With braces, you are also guaranteed to have less plaque build-up and bad breath!

How much does it Cost to get Braces in Singapore?

The price for braces in Singapore depends on the type of treatment you choose and your orthodontist’s fees. Your dentist will be able to assess which option would best suit you, and they will be able to give an estimate as well as tell what is included during that particular type of treatment, such as retainers or fluoride treatments.

When deciding which option would be best, consider your budget as all types of braces can work well if given enough time. There are less expensive options available too! The main aim should be getting good results at a fair price rather than choosing the cheapest route possible. On the baseline, you can expect to pay between SGD$3,900 to SGD$6,500.

Are there any Other Alternatives for Straightening my Teeth that may be Cheaper than Getting Braces?

If you’re looking for cheaper options then you’re in luck. So, yes there are other alternative teeth straightening treatments which are cheaper than getting braces.

The very first option here is the Invisalign method which uses a series of clear removable aligners instead of metal wires and brackets. This method is also more expensive than your typical braces treatment, but it costs less than the regular dentist’s consultation fee. You can expect to pay about $3,000+ and above per set, and you need around 12-18 sets in total, so keep this in mind when factoring up all your expenses!

Retainers are also a key part of your treatment, and they need to be cleaned daily. If you decide not to wear them, there is a chance that your teeth may end up shifting back to their original place again.

Dental implants are also another popular method available that can help people with missing or broken teeth by replacing them with an artificial implant made from metal and plastic that looks like real teeth! It will be able to restore both form and function as well as retain the surrounding tissue. 

This kind of process cannot be done on its own; it requires braces first as dental implants require tooth roots which you can only get if the gaps between your teeth have been removed by wearing braces first. 

After this implant procedure, if needed, you can proceed with another phase of orthodontics to make your teeth look straighter. This can be more expensive since it is not a one-step process.

What should I Consider Before Deciding on what Treatment is best for me 

There are several factors that you need to consider before choosing which method is best for you. We’ve highlighted some of the most common ones below: 

  • Your Expectations: It is important to know what you want out of your treatment and also what you should expect as a result. Can you handle having metal or plastic wires on your teeth? Are you expecting too much? Will wearing braces forever affect how people perceive you – e.g., Do employers prefer hiring someone who wears braces or not? If yes, why?
  • The length of time you need to wear them for: Consider that there can be phases where teeth may seem uncomfortable, which means that they may adjust after some time. It is important to know that teeth braces are not a one-time shot deal which means you need to think about the long-term impact on your wallet and lifestyle.
  • Your lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking coffee or tea regularly, or gum chewing: All of these factors can influence how your teeth braces will work out for you.
  • Your oral health: If you have missing or broken teeth, this may require a more complicated process as well as a longer treatment time. This also includes the current state of your gums and jawbones, as these will directly impact the cleanliness and comfort level associated with having braces!
  • Your oral hygiene habits: Brushing twice a day should be enough, but this is may not be possible during your wearing time as brushing might move around your appliances & wires – causing damage to them which could lead to expensive repair fees. In addition, regular flossing is recommended, too, as food particles can easily get stuck between those tight where regular toothbrushes cannot reach.
  • Your eating habits: This is another thing that you have to think about as you need to reduce the risk of damaging your braces or appliances, which can be difficult if you are used to chewing on hard foods, e.g., Ice-cream.
  • Your doctor’s recommendations based on the condition of your mouth: For example, if your jaw is not in the right condition to support braces, you may have to consider other treatment options, which can be more expensive.

Some final thoughts 

We understand that choosing what treatment is best for you is not an easy decision, but there are ways to help with making it easier. For example, if you have more time, you can always ask for more than one opinion from different orthodontists before deciding which option suits you best. Also, consider talking things over with your family members or friends as they may have helpful advice or just want to lend an ear too!

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