Common Signs That You Require Emergency Dental Care


Oral injuries could range from moderate to severe. Besides, these concerns could take numerous varying forms, result from different reasons, and happen at any moment. Regrettably, when confronted with dental trauma, most persons are uncertain whether they should seek dental care immediately or wait until a more convenient time. This post clarifies the situation so that you respond appropriately and not exacerbate your condition if you incur a dental injury. Below are some signs that you should consider emergency dental care Springfield.

Your Gums Bleed

If your gums bleed after flossing or brushing, this is cause for worry. Often, bleeding gums are an indication of gingivitis or periodontal disease. You might even detect an odor while flossing, as well as swollen or painful gums.

Timely gum disease care is of the highest significance. Once the condition reaches a particular stage, it may render you unable to restore your teeth to optimal health. Thus, contacting an emergency dentist commack ny as soon as possible to assess what is wrong and develop a care plan can preserve your smile!

You Experience Unexpected Tooth Loss

Losing your tooth as an adult could be both painful and unsightly. Therefore, if your tooth gets knocked out, becomes loose, or falls out, you should contact your dentist immediately. With prompt intervention, the tooth could be salvageable and potentially re-implanted. Meanwhile, your dentist may provide you with guidelines on how to maintain your tooth viable for reimplantation.

You Have Inflammation

Inflammation in your gums, lymph nodes, and cheeks is a prominent indicator of infection. Infections in the mouth could be possibly fatal; thus, demanding immediate dental consultation. An unresolved infection could enter the bloodstream and cause severe health complications. Ensure you inform your dentist about the duration and location of your inflammation, as well as any other indicators of infection.

You Experience Pain

Pain that keeps you awake and extends to your jaw, ear, and neck is normal if you have a significant dental concern. If you have this discomfort, lying down could aggravate your agony. You could also experience prolonged oral pain, sensitivity, and/or face edema. By performing a checkup and taking several x-rays, an emergency dentist may find the underlying cause of your concerns.

You Have A Fractured or Cracked Tooth

The degree and location of your fractured or cracked tooth will establish the care plan your dentist will adopt. Tooth preservation is always a primary priority. To achieve this, you should seek timely care from an emergency dentist. If necessary, ensure you explain how the injury or concern happened to guide your dentist on the best course of action.

You Have Lost Fillings

Losing dental fillings could become a medical emergency if it causes extreme pain and swelling. Infection of exposed tooth tissue by bacteria leads to inflammation. Your dentist will remove the decay during your emergency dental appointment to treat the infection. Typically, deterioration occurs between the previous filling and the tooth. After that, you will receive a fresh filling.

Whether you are receiving emergency dental care or a regular checkup, you must ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment. For all your oral health concerns, visit Advantage Dental Care. Your doctor will examine your concerns and provide treatment that meets your goals and expectations. Call the Springfield, VA office or book an appointment online today.

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