Common Types of Sports Injuries Everyone Should Know


Participating in sports activities is an ideal of keeping the body fit and active. Unfortunately, each sport comes with injury risks; some injuries are more common than others. As an athlete, there are numerous types of damages you can experience, from strain, concussion, and fractures to dislocation. Luckily, Holmdel Gramercy Pain Center has been set aside to help athletes struggling with all sorts of injuries. This article explores some common types of sports injuries that everyone needs to understand to be ready to take the right action in case the condition occurs.


A fracture is one of the common injuries athletes experience involving a partial or complete crack of the bone. Fractures mainly occur in sports involving high-force impacts. Some of the most common causes are heavy falls. When you have a fractured bone, you will experience pain and swelling instantly and be unable to move the injured region. There are several bone fractures, including closed, open, hairline, comminuted, and avulsion fractures.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common injury many athletes experiences. Lower back pain is mainly common in golfers, runners, and tennis athletes, whereby players insert constant strain on the affected region. This injury happens if you fail to warm up or stretch properly. You should consult your doctor whenever you struggle with pain in your lower back.


A dislocation happens when the joint moves out of its original position, causing immobilization in the joints. The most common type of these injuries occurs in the shoulders and fingers, mainly due to falls. Dislocation is easy to detect as the joints will be swollen, out of place and discolored. This injury is most common in soccer, hockey, and basketball athletes. Once you dislocate, you become vulnerable to experiencing injuries in the same area, such as nerve damage and pulled muscles. Check out more forms of common shoulder injuries and their treatments at

Groin Strain

The inner thigh muscles, known as the groin, are prone to injuries. The muscles are like a fan, responsible for squeezing the legs together. Sports involving massive side-to-side movements are more susceptible to experiencing strained groin. You can try rest and ice to treat it, but with no visible results, your doctor can recommend pain medication.

Tennis Elbow

You do not participate in tennis sports to get tennis elbow. This type of injury occurs when there is tedious motion in the arm or wrist, causing the tendons to strain from overuse. Tennis and golf sports need a participant to utilize similar motions repeatedly when playing, causing stress in the muscle and forming tiny tears on the tendons. Even though this injury is not serious, you should take breaks during activities.


A concussion is a brain injury that mainly occurs when an athlete gets hit in the head. However, it does not always involve loss of consciousness. Some common signs and symptoms include headaches, impaired vision, loss of balance, and dizziness. They often occur in sports such as soccer and gymnastics. You can prevent concussions by wearing protective gear when participating in high-contact sports.

Even though playing sports comprise several health benefits, there are high chances of injuries. If you are an athlete with an underlying injury, you should seek early medical attention to prevent the condition from worsening, affecting your overall wellness. There are several clinics where you can receive assistance globally, including treatment such as home exercises, physical therapy, and medication. With early and effective treatment, you will return to your feet for competitive activities.

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