Why is Ultherapy Best for Face Slimming?



Do you have sagging skin on the chin, brow, or neck? Maybe you got wrinkles or creases on the decolletage that make you become self-conscious once you wear clothing that shows more flesh. You aren’t alone if you’re dealing with one of these issues. If you are looking for a non-surgical procedure for wrinkles or sagging skin, you might’ve heard about Ultherapy, which is only one of the various skin treatments available at several Singapore beauty clinics.

If you’ve been looking for techniques to treat skin laxity or other symptoms of aging on the neck and face you’ve probably come across Ultherapy. You might be thinking whether it is a viable option for you. Below are some of the reasons why so many individuals use Ultherapy for face slimming.

There Is No Downtime

Among the biggest advantages of Ultherapy face slimming procedure is how simple it’s to include it into your hectic schedule. You may anticipate some downtime with several skin procedures. This procedure, on the other hand, does not involve any incisions or injections. If you just need a partial face therapy to target some parts of the face, you might be performed and on your way in 30-45 minutes.

An Ultherapy procedure that lets you resume your regular activities immediately after completion is excellent for contemporary living. This is a therapy that might perhaps be done prior to work without disrupting your workday. Alternatively, if you undergo treatment on the weekend, you would know you wouldn’t need to miss work to recuperate. When you are through, you may go back to doing whatever you wish with the remainder of your day.

It Works By Using The Healing Response Of The Body

Why not use the body’s natural renewal instead of resisting it? The therapeutic ultrasonic technology penetrates the layers of your skin and encourages collagen creation. This would result in lifting and tightening of the treated skin.

Treatment Is Accurate

The ultrasound equipment employed in therapy is highly sophisticated and capable of pinpointing the precise places on your neck or face that you want treated. Some  injectable wrinkle therapies have been reported to slightly migrate from the injection site in rare situations. Once  the Ulthera System is utilized, this is not a concern since only the treated regions are impacted.

It Works Via Several Skin Layers

Because this face slimming procedure works on numerous levels of your skin, the benefits are deeper and more powerful than a lot of its competitors. It mostly affects the dermal skin layer, but it also penetrates the (SMAS) Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System membrane.

For surgical facelifts, the SMAS membrane is the primary target. It  makes Ultherapy treatments even more astounding, since they may provide some of the same advantages and outcomes of a facial lift without requiring surgery.

Long-Term Results

A rapid treatment with long-term effects might seem too wonderful to be true, yet that’s precisely what this therapy is recognized for. Patients might observe their skin progressively tightening and lifting over time straight after therapy. This corresponds to the timetable of new collagen replacing old when the skin’s many layers are regenerated. The treatment’s outcomes would be at their peak in around 2-3 months.

It Has The Ability To Treat Both The Neck And The Face

The Ultherapy System could treat several parts of your face, but it’s particularly effective on the neck. Numerous patients find it handy as a single treatment may cover your jawline, neck, or face regions. A whole treatment would take 45-60 minutes.

While some people might require numerous treatments to obtain the desired effects, in most situations, one session is sufficient. A single session that takes 30-60 minutes based on the requirements, has no downtime, could treat the neck and face, and lasts months? It is no surprise that many people find this to be an enticing option.


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