Early Signs of Arthritis You Should Not Ignore


Did you know arthritis is one of the common problems causing pain and inflammation in the joints? Most individuals struggling with pain during the initial phases of the condition often wait until the pain worsens before seeking treatment. Nevertheless, treating the symptoms has been easy for individuals who go for early arthritis treatment Phoenix, so do not be reluctant. If you seek early treatment, your provider will address the issue before it worsens, preventing the development of severe health complications. You should contact your healthcare provider when you experience the following early signs.

Groin Pain

If you have hip arthritis, you will likely experience pain in the groin, although sometimes it might be in the thigh and upper buttock area. Usually, the pain can worsen when you stand or walk for a long time or after taking a rest. Besides, you may experience stiffness that makes it hard to move the hip and rotate the leg. If you notice groin pain, contact your doctor for an arthritis checkup and treatment.


Malaise is a general illness or lack of well-being. It mainly occurs when you struggle with inflammation, pain, or lost mobility. Also, it may result from direct physical consequences of staying with unremitting disability or disease. Normally, the condition may begin slowly or occur suddenly. The rate of illness may lead to different levels of malaise.

Joint Tenderness

Usually, tenderness in your joint is more related to rheumatoid arthritis, a form of arthritis resulting from persistent inflammation. With rheumatoid arthritis, the membrane responsible for protecting and lubricating joints becomes inflamed, leading to tenderness. Usually, you will experience tenderness in combination with other signs such as warmth, redness, joint swelling, pain, and effusion. Whenever you experience these signs, contact your doctor immediately for early diagnosis and treatment.

Stiffness in Your Feet and Hand

Inflammatory arthritis mainly develops initially in the small joints of the hand, feet, and wrist. As a result, when you wake up in the morning, you may notice your feet are stiff and hard to move, and it is painful to bend your toes. You may start feeling better with time, but this should not prevent you from seeking treatment. Your practitioner can offer several treatments, including casts, injections, and medications.


Fever is one of the common signs in people with rheumatoid arthritis. It may occur as a result of inflammation related to the issue. Besides, it may develop due to rheumatoid arthritis medications that make you more prone to infections. In some instances, you may experience low or high-grade fever. Do not worry because treatments with Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDs) and biological drugs decrease severe fever.

Prolonged Fatigue

If you experience persistent fatigue, you are more likely to have arthritis. Even though getting tired from time to time is normal, excessive fatigue indicates deep-rooted fatigue, even if you had a good night’s sleep. Similar to malaise, extreme fatigue may occur from a combination of the effects of joint and inflammation symptoms. Thus, if you experience prolonged fatigue, contact your practitioner immediately.

Have you been struggling with joint pain, fever, fatigue, or stiffness in your hands? If yes, it might be early signs of arthritis. Contact Phoenix Foot and Ankle Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, for guaranteed diagnosis and treatment. The institute is dedicated to offering a series of treatment options to lower ankle inflammation and pain. Call their office today or book online to request an appointment to get started with your treatment plan.

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