Effects of Alpha-GPC to Know Before Marking a Purchase


Alpha GPC is short for Alpha glycerophosphocholine and is a phospholipid containing choline and is isolated from soy. There are many researchers who have worked on this compound and have found that it enhances cognitive function, helps in releasing the growth hormone, and increases strength. The lipid tail in it enables the uptake and incorporation of alpha GPC powder into neuronal cell membranes. The choline molecules bounded in the membrane helps in supplying the necessary compound for acetylcholine neurotransmitter synthesis, which are rate limited.

The cholinergic neurotransmitter is responsible for the memory formation taking place in a specialized region of the brain known as the hippocampus. Also, it is noteworthy to know that Cholinergic neurotransmitter is present in both peripheral nervous system and central nervous system.

Effects of Alpha GPC Supplement Intake

  • For the very first, we can start by knowing that Alpha GPC affects memory performance positively. The trials were first conducted on the animal, but eventually, it has shown positive effects on humans and animals.
  • AGPC, an abbreviation for Alpha GPC supplementation, has shown a reduction in scopolamine-induced memory impairments when taken regularly. It was measured on the subjects on whom the memory and attention tasks were conducted for around ten days.
  • After the results as mentioned above, researchers took Alpha GPC took as a focus of study to understand more about memory reduction that comes along with other side effects of ageing and also other causes that are contributing to the dysfunction of memory.
  • As a result of recent research, it is made known that alpha-GPC is suitable for athletic performances. The effects have shown that a single dose of alpha GPC helps in hormonal release in young and healthy males, and this process is fastened with alpha GPC and gives substantial growth in an hour.
  • Athletes who take on a short course of 6 days of alpha GPC have seen positive effects in improved strength, most especially in college-aged athletes.
  • In a study, the percentage of improvement in lower body strength with the help of alpha GPC powder is said to be 3%.
  • A study containing cumulative pieces of evidence from both animal and human studies shows that alpha GPC plays the role of the cognitive-enhancing compound in measured quantities and has ergogenic properties.
  • Lastly, even a short-term continuous dosage of Alpha GPC powder has proven to benefit muscles’ strength.

In Conclusion

Alpha GPC powder is a safe, highly effective, and well-tolerated source of choline. Researchers have kept this supplement as their priority subject of study for decades. They now have reached a point where they can safely say that alpha GPC is a worldwide recognized powerful memory enhancer. It is specially prescribed by physicians in Europe to cure a wide variety of memory impairments.

You can safely view publisher site to know more about this supplement. Check out the link and see what Alpha GPC has to offer you and more like its side effects, if any.

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