Eye Bag Removal: What You Should Know


Having unappealing eye bags is a common cosmetic issue for both young and old. The cause of eye bags include: bad lifestyle habits, environment aging, and even genetics. To get rid of the appearance of pesky bags under the eyes, surgeons have implemented surgical techniques of removing eye bags to make the eyes look firmer and appealing. In addition, development of non-surgical techniques have allowed eyebags to be treated with ease and minimal downtime. An eye bag removal can help you to overcome the inevitable signs of skin aging above, below, and around the eyes. Let’s take a look at the Eye Bag Removal procedure briefly in the upcoming session, which will assist you a lot in many ways. 

Things to note about eye bag removal 

First, you should understand the terms of eye bag removal before going to the treatments. Eye Bag Removal is a procedure that aims to reduce excess skin and fatty tissues from under the eye and improve the appearance of one’s eye. Traditionally, this is done by a surgical procedure, but now, there are non-surgical ways to improve your eyebags. Here, some of the popular treatments for eye bag removal. They are mentioned for your consideration: 


  • Blepharoplasty 


This is a surgical treatment for correcting eye bags by repositioning excess fat and skin. An incision is made on the eyelid margin or on the inner aspect of the eyelid. The procedure can be used to elevate drooping eyelids and wrinkles around your eyes. With a skilled surgeon, there is minimal scarring. The bruising can last around 3-4 weeks, and you will be advised not to wear contact lens during the recovery period. 

  • Tear trough filler 

In a tear trough filler treatment, hyaluronic acid fillers are placed strategically under the eye to hide the tear troughs, dark eye circles and lessen eye bags. Eye bags in this case are not physically removed, but rather, the filler replenishes the volume lost from the surrounding areas of the eyes, and support the skin, making the eyebags less obvious. This is a non-surgical procedure, with zero to low downtime, and leave no scars. Individuals who like the result can repeat the treatment once every 6 to 9 months. 


  • Eye thread lift


This is another non-surgical procedure that involves insertion of small, dissolvable threads under the skin in the under-eye region. The threads help in stimulation of collagen of the skin, allowing skin to regain firmness and helps in reduction of fine lines. Aesthetics doctors frequently combine both tear trough fillers and eye thread lifts to treat eyebags. 

The benefits of eyebag removal

After you complete eye bag removal treatment, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Get a fresh and young look 
  • Lesser need for eye make up 
  • Smoothen wrinkles around the eye
  • Reduction of heavy bags  under the eyes

Eye bag removal, whether surgical or non-surgical, will help improve the appearance of your lower eye lid region, firm up the muscles and skin under your eyes, and make you look more refreshed naturally. Occasional side effects including bruising, swelling, are usually temporary and self-limiting. Discuss with your aesthetics doctor which treatment satisfies your needs and expectations for eye bag removal.

Choose a good, reputable clinic for eye bag removal

We are glad to work with the highest qualified and experienced medical professionals in this region. Medical facilities like The Ogee Clinic in Singapore ranks high in terms of trust and expertise. When choosing where to have your eye bag removal treatment done, always go for an accredited medical clinic which is run by certified medical doctors. Remember, the best aesthetic eye bag treatment has to be effective, safe, and natural. 


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