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A Guide to The Gastric Bypass Diet


The gastric bypass surgery is generally done to overweight people with over than 100 pounds or a body mass index of over 40. If your health is at risk due to their weight. It is also necessary to be prepared to undergo a stringent diet followed by the surgery. The new dietary habits will help the patient to have positive results after the surgery.

It is vital to have a dietary plan before and after the Gastric Bypass Surgery in Lubbock so as to ensure the long lasting effect of the surgery and its benefits.

Gastric bypass surgery diets

Before your surgery it is essential that you plan a special diet to follow, this is aimed at reducing the size of the liver and also utilising the excess fat into energy. This will reduce the complications during the surgery. After the surgery, the dietician and the doctor will plan a special diet for you with specific guidelines. This consists of many weekly phases and will help you recover from the surgery. The diet after gastric bypasswill make sure that your needs will be met for the now smaller stomach by using healthier eating habits.


The primary stage of the diet after bypass surgeryis that you will have to live on a liquid diet. This will avoid post-op complications as food might stretch and stress your stomach. After clear liquids you can slowly transition to to additional types of liquids.

These are:

  • Coffee and tea which is decaffeinated
  • Skim milk
  • Thin broth
  • Thin soup
  • Unsweetened juice

The next stage of diet after gastric bypass surgeryis the consumption of pureed food that have a thick pudding-like consistency. Many of the food is pureed at home with a processor or mixer grinder which it makes it mucheasier on the stomach.

These are:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Protein foods – fish, yogurt etc

Then you may move on to a soft diet, these foods are easier to chew and digest. It is essential that it is chewed in small bites and chewed properly. The main food that is included in this phase is:

  • Soft-boiled eggs
  • White fish
  • Canned fruit
  • Ground meat

After this stage, you can slowly move towards a normal food eating habit, which too will be suggested to you by your doctor. Looking for a gastric bypass surgery in Lubbock?You must go for services with the dietary planning for post-op as well.

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