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Grow Cannabis Faster With Cannabis Grow Lights

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HPS technology is high in certain frequencies of vibrant red light, which is very useful to flowering crops. Unfortunately, HPS lamps have their drawbacks, like high heat output and lack of other “colors,” along the lighting spectrum. In fact, up to 95% of sunshine produced by an HPS lamp is emitted within the infrared range, which we perceive as heat. Enter the sunshine Emitting Diode. LED technology showed great promise to unravel a number of the first drawbacks to the utilization of HPS technology for indoor cannabis cultivation.

The new technology

The power to control spectrum, precision delivery of sunshine, elimination of dangerous heat, and lack of substantive toxic chemical makeup are a couple of reasons to deploy LEDs. However, like any new technology, there have been some significant hurdles to beat. LED technology showed great promise to unravel a number of the first drawbacks to the utilization of HPS technology for indoor cannabis grow lights cultivation.

Mostly asked question

We are often asked why cannabis grow lights technology was used to grow cannabis, and therefore the answers are simple:

  1. Thanks to strict legislation and even stricter penalties for growing cannabis, growers wished to maneuver their crops indoors, and,
  2. There really hasn’t been another technology that might allow us to cheaply place 400, 600, or maybe 1000W of sunshine on a crop.

The onset of LED for cannabis

Some of this reluctance to embrace LEDs as cannabis grow lights come from unfamiliarity with the application of the technology to grow better cannabis, while some are often attributed to stubbornness to deviate from a decades-long, tried-and-true application of HPS lighting. As the world embraces LED horticultural lighting, probably the foremost encouraging news is that current and upcoming generations of cannabis growers are more receptive to new ideas and are far more tech-savvy than their predecessors.

Medical benefits of cannabis

As we still uncover the vast medical potential of cannabis, precise phytochemical composition, and consistent quality will become all-important. The indoor cannabis grow lights industry is flourishing in a full-strength which raises deep environmental conditions. More power is getting used for indoor lighting, and the cooling required by this lighting. Power systems are being taxed beyond forecasts and in some cases, beyond the capabilities of the infrastructure and power companies’ ability to supply and deliver electricity.

The proper lighting conditions

Every cannabis cultivator knows how important proper lighting is when it comes to achieving a successful harvest. Along with nutrition and water, it’s one of the most crucial factors in ensuring healthy growth and bountiful yields. Although natural sunlight is usually optimal for cannabis growing, many cultivators prefer to grow indoors for various reasons. First, not everyone lives in a climate where outdoor growing is feasible. Second, the indoor method of growing cannabis involves scheduled fake lighting, giving the cultivator more control over the vegetative and flowering phases of their cannabis.

With that in mind

We believe exploring the world of cannabis grow lights is more than worth it. But not all are equal; in fact, there are big differences when it comes to effectiveness and cost. In turn, some grow lights may be better suited for certain types of setups than others.

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