How to Ensure Long-lasting Results From Your Arm Lift


An arm lift is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess fat and tissues to tighten your arm’s skin and muscles. Therefore, arm lift Austin ensures you have an even tone and smoother and youthful-looking arms. Often, the sagging of your upper arms results from natural aging or unusual weight loss.  However, you can have sagging arms even when your weight is healthy.

The surgical procedure of curing the skin laxity of your upper arms will not prevent the same condition in the future. Your skin may sag again because of being overweight or aging. As long as you continue to age, the skin naturally reduces the production of its growth hormones, which ensures less skin tightness and firmness.

Consequently, below are tips you can observe for guaranteeing that your arm lift surgery delivers long-lasting results.

Regularly eat a healthy diet

Experts in health and fitness all agree that about 80% of your body appearance depends on the foods you eat. Therefore, you have a more significant role to play in improving the look of your general body, including your upper arms.

Focus on eating lean protein foods such as white-fleshed fish, beans, peas, lentils, skinless poultry, whole grains, other plant-based diets, and green vegetables.

Avoid processed foods since they usually have high levels of saturated fat, salt, and added sugar that can all contribute to your unhealthy weight. Furthermore, always ensure you are hydrated and drink alcohol moderately.

Stay physically active

You can also help maintain the excellent appearance of your arm courtesy of an arm lift procedure by avoiding frequent weight changes. Strive to keep a healthy weight.

When you consistently exercise or engage in physical activities, your body burns the excess fat deposits in your cells to make energy for your use.

Start with less physically demanding exercises before gradually introducing your body to intense ones. Full-body and physical activities to perform at home include swimming, running, walking, squats, and push-ups.

Adhere to proper care after treatment

Proper care after treatment is vital to allow the treatment areas in your upper arms to recover quickly and effectively and avoid issues like infections and scarring. Caring for your wound may involve avoiding excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays and products that expose your body to nicotine, like tobacco. For instance, nicotine narrows blood vessels and minimizes the blood’s transportation of nutrients, including oxygen.

Moreover, during the first few weeks after arm lift surgery, always sleep and rest with elevated arms to reduce the risk of inflammation.

Opt for a board-certified plastic surgery specialist

A professional and experienced plastic surgeon understands the best approach to arm lift surgery. For example, an expert surgery specialist always ensures that enough skin is available for closing the incision on your upper arm. That does not leave you with thinner, tighter skin.

Also, an expert health provider works to minimize the creation of more significant scars on your skin while removing as much fat as possible.

Maintain contact with your plastic surgeon even after surgery to quickly deal with arising issues.

Contact Pearce Plastic Surgery today for your arm lift surgery.

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