Why Live with Unappealing Skin While You Can Use Microneedling?


Would you ever imagine puncturing your skin to improve your appearance? It sounds absurd! However, many people have undergone this procedure to improve their health and restore youthfulness. When you hear of microneedling, always consider the feeling that comes with you looking younger than your age. The method is effective and safe for men and women who wish to turn back their clock. You are guaranteed the best result if you visit the microneedling Sparks specialist at LUX Dermatology. The specialist has extensive experience in skin rejuvenation and restoration through this procedure, ensuring you enjoy the results. Here are some facts about microneedling to enlighten you.

It Is Effective for Different Skin Types

Many people are worried that microneedling may harm their skin since they have different skin tones and colors. However, the results will always be the same whether you have dark or light skin, old or young. Whether your skin has a condition, oily or dry, collagen therapy will work well since no foreign materials are being introduced to the body for rejuvenation. Microneedling will help produce collagens that lift, tighten, reduce pore size, and lessen skin discoloration. However, if you have an acne problem that occurs regularly, you will require special treatment to help avoid the spread of bacteria that may worsen your condition

Microneedling Is Not Just for The Face

When people hear of microneedling, they conclude that the procedure is only done to the face to restore the appearance. However, this is not the case since the procedure also helped eliminate the appearance of stretch marks and scars on different body parts. The body has internal healing mechanisms that apply when these needles puncture the skin. The process helps improve your skin irregularities with the help of collagen.

The Treatment Is Comfortable

Many people have a phobia of needles. Not everybody loves injections; some would rather have drugs or other forms of treatment other than needles. However, these are not the usual needles that inject into people in hospitals. A microneedle is very thin, and you may not feel it when it penetrates the skin. The doctor will also numb the area under treatment to eliminate discomfort during the procedure.

It Is Not a New Concept

If you are skeptical of trying this procedure, thinking it is new, that is not the case. Microneedling has been around for around 30 years. Different celebrities have also used it in treating their skin, and therefore not new. Doctors discovered that making small skin injuries would help collagen production and improve skin texture and strength. It has since improved to become one of the safest methods to treat the skin when done by professionals.

Your skin may become loose, wrinkled, and full of scars, discouraging you and making you lose confidence. People have struggled to look for remedies that may help improve their appearance. If you have a problem with your skin appearance, you may be the best candidate for microneedling. The team at LUX Dermatology cares about your health and appearance and will perform the procedure, ensuring you get the best results. You can start by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.

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