How to Set Up Yourself for Botox Injection


Botox injection is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures sought today. There are many reasons why over 11 million people have trusted the treatment. With Botox injections offered by medical spa West Palm Beach specialists, the results are accurate and noticeable, and no surgery or recovery time is needed. Whatever reasons you might be seeking Botox, including to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles on your face, ensure the treatment has been tested and proven safe. But you can also expect side effects after the treatment, such as bruising and swelling in the injection site. Here is how to prepare yourself on the day of your appointment.

Work Out before Your Treatment

If you have a daily exercise routine you won’t afford to miss, it is essential to work out before your Botox injection. Remember that you will not be able to exercise for about twenty-four hours after your treatment. Therefore, you ought to exercise for about four hours before your appointment. It can help you relax and know that you have completed your daily workout to minimize your worries. Be easy on yourself on this day to avoid overstressing your body before the injection.  You can consult your doctor on practical activities before your treatment.

Cleanse Your Skin

When going for a Botox injection, your doctor needs your face to be clean and free of any moisturizers, dirt, or cosmetics. Therefore, skip applying makeup to your face on your appointment day. But even if you apply makeup, ensure you thoroughly remove it and clean your face as you head for your appointment. Use mild soap to wash your face with a cleanser and warm water. Rinse carefully to eliminate residuals from your skin and pat dry the face. Your doctor might also re-clean the front with an antiseptic cleanser or alcohol before the injection to remove anything you might have missed.

Calm Your Nerves

Being calm during Botox injection is crucial. Although you might have worked out when getting ready for the appointment, you might still experience some anxiety when you arrive at the clinic, which is normal. However, you ought to adapt ways to calm yourself, such as distracting yourself by talking to the nurses, breathing deeply and slowly, listening to music, and meditating. Also, you can ask your doctor for sedative options if you are too anxious.

Give Your Doctor Accurate Information

It is crucial to talk with your doctor before the injection. Ensure your doctor knows your allergies, current treatments, and any other illnesses you might be battling. It will help your provider determine if t is safe to proceed with the injection. Also, ensure you are free to ask any questions about the treatment to eliminate your fears. Remember to mention if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Skip Drinking and Smoking

Alcohol consumption before or after Botox injection is prohibited. It can cause fluid retention, worsening your side effects like bruising. Therefore, ensure you do not drink alcohol when going for your appointment and limit consumption after the treatment until you recover completely. Also, you will have to quit smoking before you go for your Botox appointment to minimize your chances of complications.

If you think you can gain from Botox injection, the LA Vinas M.D Plastic Surgery can help you. Get in touch with your provider to understand if you are the right candidate for the treatment. You can make a call or use the online platform to schedule your appointment.

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