Important Enquiries to Make Before Joining a Dual Diagnosis Program


Addiction can develop alone, but this is not always the case. A dual diagnosis arises when drug abuse and a mental illness are present at the same time. Dual diagnosis treatment may be challenging since one condition affects the other. Taylor Recovery Center will help you get started and find treatment options if you’re looking for dual diagnosis therapy in Houston or elsewhere in the nation.

Dual Diagnosis

“Dual diagnosis” is another name for the combination of substance use problems and mental illnesses known as “co-occurring illnesses.” It’s important to know if you have a co-occurring condition. Dual diagnosis programs have increased and are now treating people for their mental illness and substance abuse problems.

A dual diagnosis clinic may treat addictive behavior and mental health illnesses together, but can it cure both simultaneously? Because mental illness and substance abuse are intertwined, treatment must address the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – and encompass a variety of approaches.

Here are a few important queries that you should make:

Is treatment planning specific to each patient’s needs?

Each person’s psychological, emotional, physical, family,social, and spiritual needs are considered while developing a personalized treatment plan. Recovering from a mental illness does not have to be a cookie-cutter process.

Is the treatment provided by the dual diagnosis clinic provided by a diverse group of specialists?

Find a team of qualified, skilled mental health professionals, including psychologists, dietitians, psychiatrists, and mind-body specialists.

Is the program licensed or accredited?

Ask whether the facility is licensed or certified by the state. Is it safe to operate, and does it have the appropriate certifications?

What is the client-to-employee ratio?

You can better predict provider availability if you know the staff-to-client ratio.


The length of the program?

Some programs have a fixed time for therapy (30, 60, or 90 days). Those that provide a more individualized approach may have a shorter or longer treatment term.

Is there any help for families in this situation?

Our loved ones and families are affected by addiction and mental illness. Family counseling and education is a common feature of many programs.

Is counseling for men and women handled differently?

Gender-specific treatment and process groups may be preferable to non-gender-specific programs for certain clients. This is particularly crucial for someone who has gone through a traumatic situation.

Will my insurance cover the treatment?

Health insurance policies may cover more than you think. Ask the staff at the facility to check your insurance coverage to see if you can get a better deal or whether your policy will cover the entire cost of care.

Visit The Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Clinic in Houston

Dual diagnosis therapy for drug abuse and mental health concerns is accessible in all Taylor Recovery Center’s programs. We can also help you locate clinics that provide care for those with both primary and secondary diagnoses in your region. We can locate the correct treatment for you based on our understanding of dual diagnosis and co-occurring diseases. Contact Taylor and begin your journey to recovery right away.

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