Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Birth Control Method


Pregnancy is one of the vital stages of life. This period usually lasts for around forty weeks. During this period, you may experience symptoms that interfere with your daily activities. Therefore, it is always good to plan for your pregnancy.

If you have education and career ambitions, you may need to delay your fertility through contraception techniques. However, choosing the right birth control method can be overwhelming due to the many birth control techniques. Fortunately, Leela K Patel M.D., shares the following factors to consider when choosing the birth control method.


How effective is the contraception method that you intend to select? Efficiency usually varies from one technique to the other. The birth control method that requires less of your effort is the most effective technique.

Sterilization methods prove to be the most effective contraception methods. Other methods, such as withdrawal, are less effective since they require much of your self-control. Pick the birth control method that does not require much of your contraception efforts.

Side Effects

Some birth control methods have side effects. Hormone-based contraceptive techniques have greater risks of side effects. After these treatments, you could experience side effects such as breast tenderness and hair loss.

The severity of these side effects depends on your body type and underlying health condition. Before choosing the contraceptive method, be sure to discuss with your doctor about the side effects. Choose the technique having minimal side effects that are bearable.

Relationship Status

The nature of your relationship is another vital factor when picking the birth control method. The idea is to minimize the chances of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) while preventing pregnancy. If you have a multiple-partner relationship, the chances of getting STDs are higher.

Therefore, you should use barrier contraceptive methods like condoms to minimize that risk. Individuals with single partners free from STDs can use non-barrier methods like pills. However, you and your partner should consider regular STD testing.

Long-Term Reproductive Goals

Certain birth control methods, like sterilization, are irreversible. Therefore, being clear with your long-term reproduction goals is good. The possibility of giving birth depends on you and your partner.

Before choosing the birth control methods, you should discuss whether your family is complete with your partner. Permanent birth control methods will be good for you if you are sure that your family is complete. However, if you intend to give birth in the future, you should choose reversible techniques.


Affordability is a vital factor when opting for the contraception method. Understand how the technique will cost you initially and in the long run. Consider parameters such as regular check-up expenses when making your decision.

Some methods are costly initially but become affordable in the long run. Other techniques involving regular doctor trips can be more costly than other methods. Pick the technique that does not strain your wallet.

Are you looking forward to postponing your childbearing capacity? In the modern days, there are many birth control methods that you can choose from. However, choosing the right method for your health is not always a walk in the park. You could end up selecting the method that compromises your health. Consider factors such as side effects and cost. You should always pick the most effective contraceptive method that is cost-friendly.

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