Pea-Sized Lump Near Urethra in Males


Discovering a lump anywhere on the body can be concerning, but it can be particularly alarming when it’s in a sensitive area like near the urethra. If you’re a male who has found a pea-sized lump near your urethra, it’s important to understand potential causes and when to seek medical attention.

Possible Causes of a Lump Near the Urethra

Several conditions could cause a lump near the urethra in males. These may include:

  1. Cysts: Epidermoid cysts, also known as sebaceous cysts, can form anywhere on the skin, including the genital area. They are generally harmless and often painless unless they become infected.
  2. Pearly Penile Papules: These are small, skin-colored bumps that line the edge of the head of the penis. They’re normal and harmless, and some men are born with them.
  3. Fordyce Spots: These are tiny, yellowish-white spots that can appear on the penis or testicles. They’re actually sebaceous glands (which produce oils for the skin) that are visible on the skin. They’re also normal and harmless.
  4. Genital Warts: Caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), genital warts can appear as small bumps in the genital area. They may be painless but can sometimes cause discomfort or itching.
  5. Genital Herpes: This is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that can cause small, painful blisters or sores on and around the genitals.
  6. Urethral Stricture: This is a narrowing of the urethra which can sometimes cause a palpable lump. It’s often accompanied by symptoms like painful urination, slow urine stream, or frequent urination.
  7. Cancers: In rare cases, a lump near the urethra could be indicative of penile or urethral cancer.

When to Seek Medical Attention

Regardless of the cause, any new lump on your genitals should prompt a visit to your healthcare provider. While many causes are harmless, it’s important to rule out STIs and cancers, which require immediate treatment.

A healthcare provider can examine the lump, ask about any additional symptoms, and may run tests to determine the cause. Depending on the diagnosis, treatments can range from topical creams for conditions like genital warts or herpes, antibiotics for infections, or other treatments for more serious conditions like cancer.

In conclusion, a pea-sized lump near the urethra in males can have many causes, some benign and others requiring treatment. Always consult a healthcare provider to ensure a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

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