Rigid bronchoscopy: What is done through it?


Rigid bronchoscopy is the process of looking inside your breathing system, throat, nose, as well as lungs. The doctor uses a bronchoscope. A tube consisting of a light as well as a video camera is used in the process. Images of the respiratory system show up on a screen in the procedure.

Why would you require a rigid bronchoscopy?

It may aid to detect lung illness, cancer, inflammation, or infections. You might need this treatment due to the fact that you have problem breathing, blood in the pit, or a tough cough. The biopsy can be done while doing rigid bronchoscopy. Rigid biopsy can be done when a little cell sample is eliminated, as well as sent to the labs for tests. You might also require lavage throughout this treatment. This is when a percentage of saline is used to wash parts of your respiratory tract as well as lungs. The cells that are rinsed off are accumulated as well as sent to a lab for tests.

A rigid bronchoscopy might be utilized to remove an international object or lump that is obstructing your airway. Your doctor may place devices, such as a probe, laser, needle, or suction device, with the scope. They are utilized to freeze or heat tissues or suction out mucous plugs or embolism. They might also be utilized to stop hemorrhaging or to place a stent or balloon to widen your respiratory tract.

How do I plan for a rigid bronchoscopy?

  • Do not eat or consume anything for 6 to 12 hours prior to your procedure.
  • Do not take ibuprofen, aspirin, or other blood-thinning medications before your procedure. Ask your healthcare provider when you must quit taking these medications.
  • Have a person with you to drive your house.

What are the risks of a rigid bronchoscopy?

Your heartbeat may slow down as well as your blood pressure might decrease. This can trigger you to sweat as well as pale. The scope may make an opening or tear in your air passage. You may get an infection after the treatment. The area in between your lungs as well as breast may get filled with air or blood. These problems can be deadly.

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