Simple Ways To Treat Varicose And Spider Veins


Using the term simple when it comes to the treatment of varicose and spider veins should not be taken directly, as treating these conditions requires a lot of medical knowledge, which is definitely not simple for a common person.

However, when it comes to vascular surgeons, that is where the term simple comes into play, as they treat thousands of patients with these conditions, which is why it became very easy to diagnose and treat them in a very simple way compared to some less common problems.

Endovenous ablation

When it comes to treating varicose veins in Melbourne, the most common way to do it is via ablation. This procedure involves inserting a catheter inside the vein in order to generate appropriate amount of heat which will not damage the tissue around the vein, but at the time be just enough to seal off the vein. That will prevent the vein from filling up with blood, which will cause the vein to die over time.

Modern clinics tend to use two techniques when it comes to endovenous ablation. One that uses radiofrequency, which is considered a superior option as it has almost no risk to cause pain, swlling, bruising or nerve damage. The second option is the the use of a laser as the heat source, which is less used but better under certain condition.

There is also the third option which is not that commonly used, as it requires select circumstances for its used, and that is the use of glue in order to seal the vein. No matter which option is used, the end goal is pretty much the same, where the vein simply dies off and gets absorbed.


Endovenous ablation will take care of your varicose veins condition

What can you expect from endovenous ablation?

The duration of this procedure is usually around sixty to ninety minutes, and it is completely painless and you will not feel any discomfort, even if it might look complicated at first. Before the procedure you will undergo an ultrasound scan after which you will be given some medication that prevent blood clots from forming up. In order to avoid discomfort, you will also be given a local anesthetic.


When it comes to the spider vein treatment in Melbourne at Yarra Vascular, sclerotherapy is pretty much the only and best option. Unlike ablation, this procedure does not use heat in order to seal the veins off, but instead, it uses injections

During the procedure, the surgeon will inject the vein with a special liquid that will start reacting and turn into foam which will push the blood out of the vein and seal it away. Similar to ablation, the sealed vein will slowly decay.


Sclerotherapy quickly resolves the issue of spider veins

Final word

There are quite a lot of options in modern medicine today, and no matter how small the body part might be which requires medical attention, there is a way to cure it or treat it. If you think something is wrong with your body, consulting with a doctor is always advised.

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