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Buying medicines online is becoming increasingly common in the UK. Consumers now prefer a click onto the internet over a trip to the corner store even. Unfortunately, the internet is full of illegal online pharmacies. In a Canadian study of more than 12000 online outlets, a whopping 74 percent in North America were untrustworthy. They were buying drugs from countries like India and selling them on the internet.

But, local pharmacy online is exceptional in this regard. It is the most trustworthy source of prescription drugs, supplements and hair and skincare products online in the UK. 

We believe in establishing a personal connection with our consumers. We want them to return to us and trust us with their health.

How to spot an illegal, untrustworthy pharmacy online?

You can suspect an online pharmacy to be fraudulent if it

  • does not require you to have a valid prescription
  • does not provide access to a registered pharmacist to answer your question
  • offers drugs at an unreasonably low price
  • offers drugs that claim miraculous cure for serious disease conditions
  • does not disclose its physical location
  • does not disclose the person you are dealing with
  • is not a government registered pharmacy
  • is not located in the UK

But this is not the case with Local Pharmacies Online. We believe in the integrity of our relations with our customers. We are always respectful to them and deal with them fairly and square.

Why are we the best online pharmacy in the UK!

Local Pharmacy Online has a working experience of more than four decades. We have worked tirelessly to raise the bar of exceptional customer care from both physical and online pharmacies. We are the best online pharmacy in the UK because buying from us has the following benefits for you!

Verified Drugs

We only offer drugs approved by the MHRA. Our drug quality is top-notch because we care for our customers. We don’t want to play with their health. The purpose of the existence of Local Pharmacy Online is to serve them. We don’t offer drugs that claim miraculous results for grave diseases. We provide science-based drugs supported by the latest clinical data.

Affordable, Fair Prices

We believe that health is not a luxury but a necessity. So, we provide drugs, supplements and skincare products at affordable, fair prices. We don’t want to add any more suffering to our customers than they are already going through. We strive to ease their worries as much as we can.

Registered Pharmacy

We have disclosed the physical locations of our pharmacies here, whose registration you can check at pharmacyregulation.org. Our registered pharmacists have experience of more than four decades in the pharmaceutical market. They release prescription drugs after seeing a valid prescription only. 

Quick Delivery

We take pride in our quick delivery services. We deliver all across the country within the timespan of a day. And the good news is orders over £20 will be shipped free of any cost.

At Local Pharmacy Online, we care about our reputation and strive to provide the best buying experience online.

 Be confident and go-ahead to shop at localpharmacyonline.com

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