The Importance of Stock Broker Investment Psychology to Maintain Mental Health


Psychology is a discipline that studies more deeply about mental, mind, and human behavior. Trading in Stock Broker requires fundamental, technical, analysis skills, seeing the issuer’s prospects, as well as psychology. In the world of trading, the role of psychology is very important, because it will determine a trader will be successful or will lose. There are 3 elements that determine the success of a trader, namely Method, Money, and Mind or we can call it 3M. A successful trader must have all three, most traders are more focused on trying to learn the Method without any Money let alone Mind.

  • Method, namely the trading system or analytical ability
  • Money, namely money management and measurable risk
  • Mind, which is related to trading psychology or the ability to control emotions

Here I will explain the third point about the Mind. Because in this third point, it is the determinant of a trader’s success or loss.

Trading Psychology to Avoid Stock Investment Failures

No matter how great the strategy we have, it will be useless if the psychology is destroyed. Because if a loss occurs, people who prioritize emotions will be destroyed instantly if they can’t control their psychology.

One way to overcome trading psychology problems is of course by attending training on trading. Trading training is one of the important things we need to do to overcome psychological problems that are often experienced by traders. By following proper trading training, we will also gain an important ability to make rational decisions, instead of relying on our feelings.

Often consciously or unconsciously ignored by traders, but did you know that an unrealistic mindset is one of the main causes of a trader becoming more emotional. If we are not calm and do not focus on making every trading decision, then we will also be easily trapped into several conditions such as fear, greed, revenge, or euphoria which of course can harm us.

Why is trading psychology necessary?

Because many investors fail in stock trading because of psychological factors, even though the stock of analytical knowledge is very adequate. Mental readiness to dare to take risks, not too euphoric when getting spectacular results, is indispensable in trading stocks. In the capital market, there is always a possibility, and we cannot talk about certainty.

In this case, we need to have a realistic mindset and become emotionally mature traders. Keep in mind again that only the desire to make a profit is not enough to help us achieve that profit. But we also need to practice trading with discipline and avoid trading decisions based on feelings of joy or other emotions. Simply put, with a logical and clear mindset, we can avoid the emotions that often make a trader’s trading decisions detrimental.

Maybe these are just some of the main factors for choosing a training venue that supports your business. Invest In Stocks may really help you to overcome current financial problems. Because with this kind of investment, all the necessities of life can be slightly fulfilled. For that choose and determine your future from now on and don’t feel sorry later if you don’t make the right decision.

Amelia Puga


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