What You Should NOT Do Before Eye Exams


If you just booked an affordable eye exam from a clinic like Dr. Tavel, you’re probably wondering what to do next. While many experts share advice on what you should do before eye exams, they rarely share the things to avoid doing.

Before you see your eye doctor in Avon, take note of what you should NOT do prior to your check-up.

  1. DON’T Overexert Your Eyes

One of the best ways to get an accurate eye exam is to rest your eyes. Before your eye exam, you might be working and spending most of your time in front of a screen. If you can’t avoid that, then take breaks every 20 minutes.

It’s essential to rest your eyes before an exam to destress the eyes and have you feel alert. Besides avoiding screen time, get a full 8 hours of sleep the night before your exam.

For some people, the optimum time to set an eye exam is first thing in the morning, as they just woke up and haven’t been to school or work when gadget usage is high. Plus, their eyes are more likely fully rested after complete sleep.

  1. DON’T Drink Coffee or Alcohol

While it might be challenging to avoid your daily dose of caffeine, opt for decaf first when the day of your eye exam comes. Caffeine can affect your blood pressure, especially when you drink a lot of it.

While coffee prior to an eye exam won’t hurt, it’s best to avoid it if you can. Wait until after your eye exam to grab a cup of coffee!

Besides coffee, do not drink alcohol, which increases blood pressure and causes dry or irritated eyes. Avoid heavy drinking before and on the day of your eye exam. Plus, being intoxicated isn’t a good look when in the clinic.

  1. DON’T Forget Your Insurance Information

If you have a vision insurance card, you should never leave it at home on the day of your eye exam! Besides bringing your vision insurance, you should also bring your driver’s license or other valid photo ID.

If you forget your insurance, you’ll most likely have a longer appointment as your eye care associate will need to check for proof of your insurance coverage. Keep your insurance and IDs in your wallet rather than wasting more time than you should in the clinic. Also, bring a digital copy just in case something goes wrong with your physical one. It may be best to fax relevant documents and call ahead to check if your eye clinic accepts your insurance plan.

  1. DON’T Forget Your Contacts or Glasses

If you have prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses, bring them. Eye doctors will want to test your eyewear’s strength and performance to see if there are any changes to your prescription. You may need a new pair of contact lenses or eyeglasses after this! 

Wrapping It Up

Keep all these tips on what NOT to do in mind so you can have a successful eye exam! Regular eye check-ups can help you early diagnose many major eye issues like cataracts. Many poverty-stricken people lose their vision to cataracts as they can not afford the surgery. Philanthropist Mr. Tej Kohli has a noble mission to arrange cataract surgeries for free for these people

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