The Most Common Gynecological problems


When was the last time you visited a gynecologist? Most women have more sexual-related issues than their male counterparts. Even though women have many issues, most of them do not see the need to visit a gynecologist regularly. They only visit a gynecologist when they have abnormalities in their pregnancy periods. Failing to make regular visits exposes them to serious conditions they could have avoided. If you are willing to have control of your sexual health, it is advisable you seek the best Edinburg gynecology services. The following are common gynecological problems.

Pelvic pain

The disease affects the upper pelvic tract of a woman. The pain comes and goes, and sometimes it is consistent in the pelvic area. The pain occurs in different parts of the pelvis, which varies with the individual. Besides, it causes difficulties for a woman to perform vigorous activities. If you are suffering from pelvic pain, you should discuss the symptoms with a doctor for the best treatment. The doctor determines the best antibiotic therapy treatment.

Irregular bleeding

Menstrual periods last four to five days. It is accompanied by heavy bleeding during the first days, followed by lighter bleeding as days go by. However, some women might experience heavy bleeding, which never recedes. They could also have clots and cramping accompanying the bleeding. The condition might continue for more than five days. It is recommended to visit a gynecologist to treat irregular bleeding and prescribe other helpful drugs.


After menstruation, women experience endometriosis. It is a condition whereby endometrial tissue grows inside the uterine walls. Blood from the tissue does not have a place to go causing the uterus wall to be swollen. The swollen parts may cause scar tissues which can develop into growths. Depending on the condition, the doctor uses painkillers, hormone medicines, contraceptives, or implants.


Some women have fibroids during their lifetime. In most instances, it affects infertile women or women who can no longer give birth after having one child. It is accompanied by painful sexual intercourse, lower abdominal pain, and pregnancy recurrence due to miscarriage. A doctor recommends surgery depending on the condition of the disease.


In some cases, menstruation is absent. The condition obstructs menstrual fluid from the body. In most instances, people develop this problem at birth. Both control pills are used during treatment. In other cases, the doctors might use hormone therapies to restart a menstrual cycle.

Ovarian cysts

An ovarian cyst is a disease whereby women live for a long period, sometimes their life, without realizing they have it. The problem causes fluids in a sac that develop and grow in the uterus. The fluids dissolve on their own. Doctors might use oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) to help them dissolve easily and faster.

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