What Impairs The Fluid Properties Of Blood


Fatty foods, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet-all this leads to the fact that the blood becomes thicker, losing its important properties.

Salt and Sugar

We are all very familiar with both flavors. Moreover, not a day goes by that the vast majority of us do not consume salt and sugar several times a day. However, it should be understood that both of these delicious substances significantly affect the density of the blood. Sometimes, to achieve blood thinning, you can simply give up salt and sugar. At least half of it.

Fatty red meat

If you have an increased blood density, then pay attention to your diet. One of the main “enemies” of blood flow is animal fat. Fried red meat retains a lot of poorly soluble fats in the body, which, when they get into the rov, form blood plaques. To get rid of this problem is very difficult and, sometimes, without surgical intervention can not do.

Water deficiency in the body

Sometimes people just don’t want to consume enough water, liquid. They get used to drinking 2-3 cups of tea a day and this is the end of their “daily dose”. This is extremely harmful, since many processes in the body are associated with the presence of a sufficient amount of fluid in the body. Limiting fluid intake leads to slowing down processes, blood clots, and additional stress on the heart. In addition, the blood can no longer renew the tissues and cells of the body well enough, which leads to the weakening of organs, the appearance of new diseases.

Lack of physical activity

This problem has already been called the problem of the 21st century. Already starting from childhood, people are deprived of active physical activity. Children, instead of playing in the yard with a ball, move their finger on the smartphone screen. It’s getting easier to do work from the comfort of your home or office. Only a few people pay attention to the importance of physical activity and play sports (at home, in the gym, running in the park, etc.) Because the body is deprived of the necessary movement, the muscles stagnate, the blood thickens. And taking blood-thinning medications is a temporary measure. Such people need to change their lifestyle in order to regain their health and physical performance.

Blood thinners

If you find problems with blood flow, doctors prescribe blood thinners. On the you can get acquainted with such medicines. But here it is important to understand that the dosage and rules of admission are prescribed by the doctor based on the characteristics of the body and the complexity of the disease.

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