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What You Might Not Know About Melanoma

by Micheal Danye

Melanoma is increasingly becoming more popular. However, there are still many misconceptions, so there is a need to clarify things. To understand the condition better, it is important to rely on information from skin cancer experts like the Chevy Chase melanoma specialists. Remember that early detection of any form of cancer is crucial, and it all begins with information. Being aware of melanoma helps you be on the lookout for early signs and take necessary measures like regular screening to beat the problem. The following is a list of crucial melanoma facts you should know.

Melanoma Can Also Occur Without Sun Damage

Excess sun exposure leads to sun damage on your skin which is one of the major factors for melanoma. Cancer specialists recommend staying safe from direct UV light and avoiding activities like tanning to avoid melanoma effectively. However, you can still develop melanoma in the absence of sun damage. Research has concluded that over 30 % of melanoma cases are unrelated to sun damage. You can have limited sun exposure and still suffer an aggressive melanoma. The explanation could be that the causes of skin cancer have not yet been fully explained.

Not all Moles are Melanoma

Moles are commonly believed to increase the chances of developing skin cancer. Paying attention to your moles and reporting any changes to your doctor is critical, but having moles does not mean melanoma. Studies reported that over 70% of melanoma cases do not have a link to pre-existing moles. Skin cancer specialists also agree that although it is possible, it is rare for a preexisting mole to turn into cancer. However, having many moles can increase your chances of melanoma, and regular checkups are critical.

Not all Melanoma Have Color

Melanoma mostly appears as black or dark brown but not always. Some melanoma can be colorless and only appear as bumps or spots on your skin, looking different from other spots you might have on your skin. Therefore, focus on more than just the color of your skin spots. Pay attention to the shape, texture, border, and other differences.

Immediate Treatment is Not Always Necessary

An accurate diagnosis is critical in determining the right treatment to manage melanoma effectively. Sometimes your doctor might need a little more time to observe your symptoms after diagnosing melanoma to figure out how to overcome it effectively. Sometimes immediate treatment is necessary, especially for rapidly growing melanoma. No matter how overwhelming the news of being diagnosed with melanoma is, be cool when your doctor requires more time. Most melanomas will develop gradually, allowing ample time for effective planning and management.

Melanoma Can Spontaneously Regress

Many people do not know that melanoma can fade away on its own. The condition can trigger your immune system to release a strong assault against it and begin to retreat. The idea has inspired researchers to develop immunotherapy as a treatment for melanoma which has been successful. The treatments focus on enhancing your immune system to boost its ability to overcome melanoma.

Many theories exist around melanoma, and only specialists can keep you well informed. Get in touch with Ali Hendi, MD, melanoma specialist, to learn more about the condition. Your provider can examine your symptoms and advise you accordingly.

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