The 6 Brow Lift Techniques You Should Know


A brow lift can help you achieve a refreshed and youthful appearance to beat some aging signs. The sagging skin around your eyes can affect your confidence by making you look older than you feel or are. Fortunately, Reston brow lift specialists offer different techniques to improve the position of your eyebrows, refreshing your appearance. You might benefit from a brow lift if you are enduring heavy eyebrows, droopy eyebrows, or eyebrow ptosis where your forehead or eyebrow skin sags. A Blow lift is highly customizable, and your doctor must examine your needs thoroughly to understand the best technique to apply. Here are some techniques you might gain from.

Direct Brow Lift

During your treatment, your provider will make surgical incisions above the eyebrow hairs on the outer portion of your brows. Your provider will contour the eyebrows from this position and lift them as desired. Using sutures, your doctor will secure the eyebrows in a higher position through the incisions. Stitches will close the incisions, which will later be removed in the doctor’s office.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

The techniques involve making small incisions along the hairline in the scalp from where an endoscope is inserted. The endoscope has a small camera connected to a monitor to display a clear vision of the underlying tissue beneath your skin. Your doctor also inserts special tools using the small incisions to lift your forehead skin, leaving your eyebrows contoured, lifted, and secured in the proper position. Screws, sutures, and other fixation devices are used.

Pretrichial Brow Lift

The technique is also referred to as a hairline or trichophytic brow lift and is often performed when a patient has a higher hairline. Your doctor will place an incision just forward of your hairline sideways with your forehead length. Your provider then lifts your forehead skin and secures it to the desired height using the incision. Your provider then closes the incision using stitches, and you will need a follow-up appointment to remove them.

The Mid-Forehead Lift

The techniques involve using a longer surgical incision placed in a deep forehead wrinkle. Therefore, the technique might be suitable for you if you have forehead wrinkles less of a concern. Your provider lifts your forehead and eyebrows using the incision, securing it in the desired position. Your eyebrows are contoured, rejuvenating your appearance. Stitches will be used to close the incisions, which are later removed, making a follow-up appointment at your doctor’s office.


The technique, also known as internal browpexy, is a great option to address the outer portion of a droopy eyebrow. It is often performed alongside an upper eyelid blepharoplasty for better overall results. Your doctor will use a standard eyelid incision to secure the eyebrows in the proper position held by sutures.

Temporal Brow Lift

Also known as the Lateral brow lift, the temporal brow lift is one of the less extensive techniques used in a brow lift. Remember that the outer portion of your eyebrows is mainly affected by aging and is the first to sag and droop. Fortunately, a lateral brow lift can be designed only to lift this portion of your eyebrows. Your doctor will place short incisions along your hairline from which the eyebrows are lifted and contoured.

Indeed, there are multiple options to choose from when considering a brow lift. Consider seeking expert advice and guidance from the Rostami OPC specialists. Seek a consultation appointment today and get started.

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