Thermage® CPT – The ultimate way to skin tightening.


One decade ago, the aesthetic market has not opened its doors to non-invasive treatment; the only option available is to choose Botox or plastic surgery, which is not always a viable option to get the desired results. But today, technologies in the aesthetic industries has evolved to the next level and introduced many advanced treatments for skin tightening, anti-aging, and contouring.  Among them, one of the major anti-aging techniques is advanced Thermage® CPT Introduced by SOLTA medicals- a biggest pioneer in aesthetic science. It is a non-invasive treatment to treat saggy, loose skin present in our bodies, and improve the overall appearance of cellulite in skin. Simply, Thermage® CPT is a one-stop solution for  skin tightening  and anti- aging. Here in this article, let’s read all about Thermage CPT and its benefits to skin tightening and smoothening in detail

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All about Thermage® CPT

Thermage CPT® is an RF (Radio Frequency) treatment method that works on Comfort Pulse Technology to renew the collagen present in the sagging or loose skin and helps in retaining a smoother, sleeker, and younger skin naturally. It is very effective to treat any type of indications appears on face, eyes, or the body by directing its RF energy beneath the skin’s surface, heating the core of the dermis, and gives results from within the surface. With its brand new hand piece, tips and functionality desirable results can be achieved in different areas of the face and body. Thermage CPT offers more flexibility, easy to use, fullest comfort and better satisfaction. Using Thermage CPT, anyone can tight their sagging face skin and get a sculpted look, lift up the drooping eyebrows and remove fine lines and wrinkles around nose and mouth. It’s a treatment that can be done within one sitting and requires some downtime, but deliver better end results.  Overall, Thermage CPT is absolutely a revolution to treat loose skin and wrinkles with visibly outstanding results and utmost patient comfort.

How does it work?

Thermage CPT is a non-surgical treatment that uses Comfort Pulse Technology. It is a treatment that is based on radiofrequency to tighten the loosened skin and improves its texture. When the treatment begins, Thermage CPT directs RF energy through its tip when placed against the skin’s surface and begins to vibrate to deliver uniform heating on the surface reaching therapeutic temperature. Delivery of heat begins and continues till it gets penetrated deep into the tissues to boost the loosened collagen present in the treated surface. To ensure proper and even collagen boost on the treated area, the epidermis is cooled by delivering cryogen without causing any damage to the tissue. Then, the tip continues to vibrate till the final delivery of cryogen until the epidermis gets completely cooled. All these things happens without causing pain and discomfit by using the CPT energy algorithm which simulates TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), pain relief method. This CPT energy interferes with the sensory nerves and sensory-discriminative pathways, interspersing cooling bursts blocking neural discomfort signals, by its radio-frequency heat energy, to provide utmost patient comfort.  

In addition to this, the ergonomically designed hand piece provided with Thermage CPT ensures the treatment efficiency with the integration of body tips designed specifically for the usage of various part of the body such as

  • Total Tip 3.0
  • Eye Tip 0.25
  • Face Tip 3.0
  • Body Tip 16.0


The total tip 3.0 provides maximum bulk heat delivery with utmost safety used to treat on the areas of your face, neck, and body. The tip ensures to 

  • Soften wrinkles around mouth, eyes, and forehead and tone the jawline and neck perfectly.
  • It smoothens the uneven and pigmented skin. 

EYE TIP 0.25

The specially designed Thermage® eye tip 0.25 helps in smoothening the skin on the upper and lower eyelids, with its precise heating technology without the need for surgery. The tip ensures to

  • Works on fine lines and wrinkles of the eyelid skin to deliver smooth skin.


Thermage® Face tip 3.0 comparatively offers less volumetric bulk heating than the Total Tip. This ensures getting overall younger and refreshed look by smoothening and softening skin and fine lines. It also ensures 

  • Improved facial skin and smooth wrinkles .
  • No pain and No discomfort during the procedure with CPT technology™ 


This tip can be used to smooth dimpled and uneven skin and unwanted bulges on arms, legs, and buttocks. Its precision heating technique treats the area with minimal discomfort and non-surgical procedures, and no downtime.

    • Smooth uneven skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 
    • Delivers faster results even on the larger surface area with 
    • Visibly impressive results.


  • Greater patient comfort 



Thermage CPT can be used to smooth lines and wrinkles on the skin and remodel the collagen to improve the overall health of skin.  It can be used to tighten sagging ad loosened skin condition on face and neck areas. Some of the common indications to undergo Thermo CPT Treatment include

  • Hooding and Drooping eyes
  • Fine Lines around mouth and nose. 
  • Worn-Down Brow Lines 
  • Wrinkled Upper And Lower Eyelids 
  • Turkey Neck
  • Loose Jowls
  • Sagging Skin 
  • Unwanted Bulges 
  • Unwanted Dimples. 

To Sum Up

Thermage Delivers consistent and better results with its advanced Comfort Pulse technology and renew the lost collagen present in the sagging or loose skin. It ensures to gives you a smoother, firmer, sleeker, and younger skin with maximum comfort and best end results. If you are curious and want to know more about  Thermage CPT, feel free to reach out to Dansys- a leading aesthetic medical equipment supplier in UAE. We deliver world-class aesthetic medical equipment in Asia. We also have an enviable and proven record of market credibility and remarkable growth rate in providing the world’s best aesthetic supplies for the Asian Market.  Visit us or Call us on +971 4 4356446 to know more or to get a quick quote or to chat with our customer service team today.


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