Can Foot Pain Be Life Threatening? 5 Foot Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore


Imagine ignoring a slight foot problem to further result in a foot deformity. Experiencing pain in your feet early and snubbing the problem can result in a disability. Your legs are an essential part of your body, and you cannot have the luxury of overlooking their effectiveness. Causes of foot pain vary from the shoes you wear, your activities, and how you walk or stand. Other health issues can also affect your feet too. Luckily, with podiatry Fair Lawn treatments, foot pain is manageable. Our board-certified podiatrists at NYC Footcare PC are the experts you should see for your foot or ankle needs. Furthermore, the team invites you to understand common foot and ankle problems that you shouldn’t ignore. Let’s dive in:

1. Experiencing aching, stiffness, and swelling in your foot or ankle

Generally, arthritis is a common health issue that affects your feet and ankles. Additionally, arthritic foot and ankle joints restrict the range of motion leading to foot discomfort. Arthritis develops in the arch, big toe, and mid or back area of your feet or ankle. It, therefore, proves signs like swelling and foot stiffness which, if ignored, can result in severe foot pain that can hinder how you move. Depending on the nature of your condition, there are surgical and nonsurgical treatments to help you overcome it.

2. Regular sharp pain on the inside of your foot

Sharp pain piercing your foot from the inside proves that you should seek professional help instantly. Usually, if you have fallen arches or your feet tilt outward, you are likely to experience the pains regularly. This condition is known as acquired flatfoot, which worsens when you walk or vigorously exercise. Acquired flatfoot often occurs when foot tendons that connect a calf muscle to the bone are injured. Diabetes is another contributor to sharp pain since it causes collapsed arches.

3. Frequent pain in the big toe

If your toe is inflamed, can’t bend, and locks in one place, you are experiencing a hallux rigidus. The pain makes it hard for you to walk or engage in any sporting activity. Typically, the pain results from a bone spur at the base of the toe joints. Gout can also strike your big toe and cause severe pain. Specialized treatments or necessary surgery can help relieve toe pains.

4. Having burning, tingling, and numb feet

When your feet are numb and tingling, it is a sign of muscle weakness resulting from nerve damage. Diabetes, genetics, and injuries are some leading causes of nerve damage in your feet. Burning pain in the ball of your feet radiates to your toes, affecting your walking capabilities.

5. Persistent pain in your ankle

Don’t ignore long-term ankle pain, which significantly affects how you walk. It can result from injuries or other joint infections and, if left untreated, eventually hinders your foot’s functionality. Even if ankle pain reappears with time, it can signify a fatal joint problem.

Seeking specialized help for diagnosis and treatments can save your foot against deadly illnesses. Our professional podiatrists analyze your condition through x-rays, tests, and other specialized procedures to identify the root cause of your problem.

If you want to safeguard your foot health, schedule your appointment with NYC Footcare PC today!

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