With No End in Sight to the Pandemic, Consumers Order Products from SimplyMasks


The novel coronavirus pandemic reached its seventh month in October 2020 with no end in sight. The virus is highly contagious and causes an illness named COVID-19. The controversy over whether wearing face masks prevents the spread of the coronavirus continues, although a greater percentage of people now agree with the effectiveness than was true in the past. Packages of disposable masks can be ordered from


Many municipalities and several states have issued mandates the wearing of masks indoors in public places like stores, restaurants and fitness centers. Where outbreaks have been the most serious and widespread, some governments have even mandated mask wearing outdoors in public spaces.

The guidelines are eased when mask wearing is problematic or essentially impossible. For instance, restaurant customers who are eating and drinking cannot be doing so with masks in place. Fitness centers generally allow members to go without face coverings while exercising, but require masks for those who are walking around, chatting or using the phone.

Monetary Penalties

Some of these mandates include a monetary penalty when a person is caught not wearing a mask where it is required. The penalties range from lenient to relatively expensive. One example is receiving a warning first and then being fined $15 for the second incident. On the other end of the spectrum, a person could be fined $300 to $500 for ignoring the regulation. Perhaps the harshest penalty is in New York City, where $1,000 fines can be imposed.

The Possibility of Federal Intervention

So far, there has been no federal mandate for mask wearing. Aside from political differences, some practical considerations factor into this as well. To many, requiring masks in regions where only a small number of cases has occurred seems pointless.

Nevertheless, infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci from the Centers for Disease Control now advocates for mask mandates, although not specifying whether the regulation should be imposed at the federal level. Previously, it appeared that the more rural parts of the United States might be spared a surge of infections. Now, however, the virus has spread throughout a large number of sparsely populated areas.

Expected Time Frame

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone does not like having to wear face coverings when they are out and about. Unfortunately, various public health experts say U.S. residents can expect to continue wearing them well into 2021 and perhaps even later than that. The masks reduce a person’s chance of getting infected and are even more effective at reducing an infected person from spreading the virus. The fabric stops a high percentage of respiratory droplets from moving into the surrounding air.

Types and Preferences

Some individuals buy or sew them in several kinds of designs to make a fashion statement of sorts. They have decided to accept the fact that masks are now accessories. Others want the convenience of disposable products and don’t care that the masks are all the same shade of blue. The products get the job done and don’t have to be laundered routinely.


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