Texas Trained Pain Physician Offers Effective Treatment For Frozen Shoulder

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Pain of any kind whether mild or acute can make you feel miserable. While mild pain can be treated with medicines and rest, chronic pain needs special attention. A frozen shoulder is one such painful condition that limits the movement of the shoulder. Your shoulder would become stiff and inflamed with acute pain if you try to move them.

Texas boasts of OmniSpine Pain Management Clinic which offers the best Mesquite regenerative medicine and treatment services for neck pain, frozen shoulder, joint pain, herniated discs, spinal issues, knee pain, and chronic pain. Their clinic is also located in Frisco, serving patients from different parts of Texas. 

Book an appointment with OmniSpine to get the most effective minimally invasive pain treatment for a frozen shoulder from their trained pain physician, Dr. Morchower.

What is a frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis occurs when the surrounding connective tissue in the shoulder joint becomes stiff and inflamed. It is called a “frozen” shoulder because as the pain increases, you will not be able to move your shoulder. This causes the shoulder joint to become stiffer and thick while making it even more difficult to move the shoulder.

Who can develop a frozen shoulder?

Adults, especially women between the age of 40 and 60 years are at a high risk of developing frozen shoulder. Cardiac arrest or a shoulder injury in which your shoulder or arm movement is limited might lead to a frozen shoulder. People with other health conditions like diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorder, and heart disease might also develop this condition. 

Treatments for frozen shoulder

The initial phase of a frozen shoulder can be treated with medication and physiotherapy. However, if the pain persists with stiffness and you are still not able to move your shoulder, surgery and therapy may be required for regaining motion.

Trained specialists of Pain Management Clinics in Mesquite offer a comprehensive pain practice and simple treatments for frozen shoulders which include:

  • Hot and cold compress to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines and painkillers or steroid injections.
  • Stretching exercises both by a physiotherapist and then to be continued at home.
  • Blocking nerve impulses by stimulating them with an electrical device to reduce the pain.

Simple treatments are usually enough to provide relief from a frozen shoulder. You might restore mobility and function within a year or even before that. Hence, do not delay if you have a frozen shoulder and visit an expert pain specialist in Texas.

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